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  • Help you understand current technology and how you can best utilize it in your business, and
  • Provide insight and analysis of the IT industry you can use to make profitable decisions.

There are 21 articles in this category.

Password Complexity and Expiration
Understanding why passwords have complexity requirements and expiration dates, how you should configure such policies on your own systems, and what you should do with accounts on partners' or third-party websites

Bad Password Practices
Do your users have bad habits when it comes to password security? Does your business culture encourage this? If you're not sure, read this article.

Passwords and E-mail—A Dangerous Combination
Learn about risks and problems with systems that allow users to reset their password through e-mail alone.

About the Free Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10
Who is eligible, making a "reservation", time deadlines, and more

Google Apps
An overview of the various editions of Google Apps (both free and paid), pricing, and a little history

What's Probably Wrong with your Unmanaged IT System
Here is a list of the most common things we find are wrong with the typical unmanaged IT system, costing time, money, and productivity while increasing risk of data loss or downtime.

All about a relatively new and intriguing device we're hearing more and more about: the Chromebook.

Your Public Internet Presence
What you should know about your domain name registration, website hosting, and e-mail.

The "Goto Fail" and "Heartbleed" Bugs
They were called the worst security flaws in Internet history. Read about what happened, what was done to fix them, and their implications for the future of Internet security.

What does Windows XP "End of Support" mean?
What you should know if you're one of the millions of people still using Windows XP since support ended in April 2014.