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As Internet search engines have improved over the past 15 years, manually-compiled pages of links to other websites have gradually disappeared. However, J.D. Fox Micro presents some useful links here for easy access, relevant to common items many of our site visitors may find useful, but which you may not have thought to search for!

Please read the section on Third-Party Links in the Terms of Use section on this website, for disclaimers about any implied endorsement by J.D. Fox Micro of the websites linked from here.

Microsoft Online Services

Outlook.com, Microsoft Account, Office 365, and more

Digital Certificates for E-mail

Java and JavaScript Application Platforms

Website Media and Interactivity

Flash, Shockwave, Silverlight, AIR, QuickTime, Windows Media for Mac

Audio/Video Media Managers

iTunes, Windows Media Player, and RealPlayer

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

PDF Resources

Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, PDF-XChange, Bullzip, and more

Security Tools and Resources

Virus scan, system audits, vulnerability tests, encryption, and more

Software Licensing

Software asset and license management tools for business

Remote Access Tools

VNC, Remote Desktop, and PuTTY

Web Site Hosting

Internet Speed Tests