Here is what J.D. Fox Micro can do for you.

Maximize Value

J.D. Fox Micro knows the difference between expensive, flashy fads and proven methods and technologies, and picks the best system design, hardware, and software for your organization—whether it's on-premises equipment, remote-hosted, or in "the cloud". With streamlined management and administration methods, and thorough knowledge of modern technology as well as legacy equipment, your investment in a relationship with J.D. Fox Micro will provide a healthy return of maximized value of a critical part of your organization's infrastructure.

Reduce Risk

If you do not have a plan for recovery when (not if) your system experiences problems, you are at risk of business interruption. If you are not sure whether your critical data is safe from loss due to hardware failure or user error, you are probably at risk of catastrophe. J.D. Fox Micro can provide the expertise to help you develop robust fault tolerance, data backup, and disaster recovery plans.

Secure Your Systems

Prevent malware attacks on your network, to save yourself from work interruption, and from loss of data or information theft. Ensure employees, partners, and customers can't access anything they're not supposed to.

Enhance Usability

Is junk e-mail aggravating you to no end? There are solutions. Is your system set up with a solid overall plan, or were pieces cobbled together, causing your users to spend unnecessary time finding what they need to get their work done? J.D. Fox Micro can help.

No Surprises

J.D. Fox Micro offers a limited warranty on hardware and software that guarantees fitness for purpose and merchantability, which virtually all hardware manufacturers, software publishers, and other IT service providers avoid (visit the Warranties page to find out why). If anything you buy from J.D. Fox Micro does not meet your specified requirements, J.D. Fox Micro will make it work, replacing the hardware or software if necessary, for free.

Also, J.D. Fox Micro offers all work on a flat-rate basis. Maintenance is performed for a regular monthly fee. Upgrades and other modifications are performed according to a pre-approved flat-rate or phased service fee plan. For new equipment or software required for system upgrades or for fixing failures, you will receive and approve the price before the items are delivered.

Bottom line: Your invoice will always look exactly as you expect it.

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