J.D. Fox Micro Resource Center

The goal of this section of the J.D. Fox Micro public website is to provide a single source for current information and tools for business managers and users of IT products and services to enhance value and protect systems and data.

So many articles, blog posts, and tutorials you'll find on other sites were published long ago and never updated, and now have incorrect information. Sometimes it's hard to know whether you can rely on some tutorials you might find that don't show their publication date, even on a major hardware or software vendor's website, because they seem to apply to current products but still might be years old and now wrong.

All content in the J.D. Fox Micro Resource Center is reviewed regularly for accuracy and relevancy. The last full review was completed on June 16, 2024. You can read all the articles as if they were current, because they all are. There is no old information to be found here, and no dead or irrelevant links.

Feel free to contact J.D. Fox Micro with any feedback.

Information Technology Glossary

A comprehensive, informative, and fascinating compilation of definitions of both general terms as well as significant people, companies, websites, and products in the IT world.