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Scanning Directly from a Scanner to an E-mail Address
Workgroup scanners support sending scanned documents directly to an e-mail address as an attachment. This article explains why this function should be disabled, and discusses alternatives to this scanning method that will improve productivity and security.

Password Pandemonium
Taking control of your passwords

The "Meltdown" and "Spectre" Vulnerabilities of 2018
Why they are called the worst security flaws in history, and what you should do about them.

About the Free Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10
Who is eligible, time deadlines, and more

The Windows 10 Free Upgrade of 2015
Deceptive practices, unwanted upgrades, and more shenanigans from Microsoft

Why Windows 10?
In other words, what happened to Windows 9?

User Interface Changes in Microsoft Windows 8
An introduction and examination of what's different in Windows 8 compared to previous versions.

"Who is my System Administrator?"
If you got a message asking you to contact your system administrator, but don't know who it is, this article should help you figure out what to do.

PDF Files
How best to open, create, edit, and convert PDF files, along with some information about protecting yourself from security risks related to PDF files.

Don't Lose Your Work!
"I was working on a document for three hours, something happened, the program closed, and all my work is gone! Can I get it back?" Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is no. Learn how to prevent this from happening to you.

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Brief tutorial on how to execute this special key combination for computers running Microsoft Windows.