Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling services provided by J.D. Fox Micro


You can streamline disposal of your disused electronic equipment, and greatly reduce risk and cost, by trusting J.D. Fox Micro to manage data destruction and responsible recycling for you. Here is how it works. Once J.D. Fox Micro or its designated agent retrieves your equipment:

  • J.D. Fox Micro will assume title of your equipment, and with it, the legal liability for proper disposal in compliance with local and national laws.
  • J.D. Fox Micro will perform data destruction to your required standards.
  • You will receive a serialized report of your equipment, and a report on the result of data destruction and the methods used.
  • J.D. Fox Micro will ensure all of your equipment, when finally disposed of, will only go to recyclers who are fully e-Stewards certified as responsible recyclers.

If J.D. Fox Micro provides recycling services as part of an IT project (such as a system upgrade or site disassembly), the pricing will be included in the project work plan. If you simply need data destruction services or equipment recycling outside of any other services, please see the table below for pricing.

Data Destruction Only

Service involves retrieving hard drives and storage media, destroying all data, and recycling the hard drives and media. Minimum is $50.00 per job. Volume discounts available.

Item Fee
Hard drive (internal or USB) $25.00 each
Data tape $5.00 each
Optical media (CDs and DVDs) $2.50 for 50
Loose memory cards and USB sticks (thumb drives) $2.50 each
Devices with flash memory (IP phone or cell phone) $15.00 each

Responsible recycling

Service involves taking title of your equipment, and disposing of it with an e-Stewards certified responsible recycler. You will receive documentation identifying items by model and serial number, as proof of recycling. Prices below include data destruction.

Only pickup service is offered. Minimum is $250.00 per pickup. Service is only available in the Los Angeles area. Volume discounts available.

For more than 10 items or boxes in one shipment, all items must be palletized by J.D. Fox Micro to ensure proper packing. The service fee for palletizing items listed below is in addition to the item processing fees. Items must be centrally located and ready for disposal. If items are still installed in racks or under desks, or dispersed throughout your facility, then J.D. Fox Micro will only assist with disposal as part of a customized site take-down Work Plan. Please contact J.D. Fox Micro for more information.

Service Fee
Recycle laptop/desktop computers, servers, battery backups, network equipment, monitors (LCD and CRT), desktop printers and scanners, up to 10 items, up to 50 lbs. each $45.00 per item
Recycle peripheral items, including keyboards, mice, small speakers, loose batteries, cell phones, and any other item small enough to be easily carried in one hand, but not including laptop computers $45.00 per box, up to 50 lbs.
Recycle any individual item over 50 lbs., such as a floor-standing printer $135.00 per item
Palletize items which are centrally located, and ready for transport $295.00 per pallet (includes materials), in addition to item processing fees listed above

J.D. Fox Micro is registered with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) as a handler of Universal Waste Electronic Devices, Business ID 6045.