J.D. Fox Micro Hardware and Software Warranty

J.D. Fox Micro offers an express warranty for merchantability and fitness for purpose. This means when you buy IT equipment from J.D. Fox Micro as part of your maintenance contract, or as part of a system upgrade, and any of it does not meet your designated requirements, J.D. Fox Micro will reconfigure and/or replace any equipment as necessary to make it right, all at no charge.

Most other IT providers disclaim the warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose in the hardware and software they sell, and it's understandable why. These legal concepts originated hundreds of years ago in simple commodities and consumer goods markets. IT equipment and software is far too complex for a manufacturer to offer these warranties for the thousands or millions of people who might buy their products, all with different requirements and implementations. Any particular item in the IT market could be applied to countless uses. So you, the end-user, or your network manager, have to figure out how to make it work for you. If you can't, you have no recourse.

This is where a good IT service provider delivers value—by selecting appropriate hardware and software for you, the user. There is still always some risk, no matter how smart your IT provider is, since products and standards in the IT market change astonishingly fast. However, many IT service providers leave this risk with you, and charge for additional work required when the plan does not pan out, or leave you stuck with sub-optimal or even useless equipment if you give up on the whole project. Not so with J.D. Fox Micro.

Hardware and Software purchased from J.D. Fox Micro will do the job. Guaranteed.

Don't ever go through the nightmare of hiring an IT provider to do a job for you, and then see your bill run up and up as he demands payment for his time getting things right when the equipment he chose for you does not work, while you start to wonder if he even knows what he's doing! Save the aggravation, and call J.D. Fox Micro.

Details and limitations of the J.D. Fox Micro warranties are described in the IT System and Cloud Management Contract itself, available for your review on this website. Click Service Contracts on the left for more information.

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