Service Contracts

On this page you may download the full text of the contracts offered by J.D. Fox Micro. For more information about which kind of service offering best suits you, please click "Who We Serve" to the left.

The files below are in PDF format, which is automatically supported by all modern computers and devices. If you have an older computer and the files do not open, go to the PDF Resources page in the J.D. Fox Micro Resource Center (this link opens in a new tab/window). Read the instructions there under the heading "Recommended Link — for ordinary users" and download the software from there. If your computer is part of a managed network, you may need to contact your system administrator to complete the installation.

IT System Management Contract

For a flat monthly service fee, J.D. Fox Micro will:

  • Perform regular maintenance and fix any problems that arise.
  • Regularly assess and test security procedures and protection measures.
  • Provide planning support for expansions, upgrades, and transitions prompted by changes in your organization (the plan itself is then offered for a fixed or phased service fee).
  • Conduct regular assessment of your system to ensure your operation is as efficient and productive as it can be.
  • Offer the express warranties of fitness-for-purpose and merchantability for all products (hardware and software) purchased from J.D. Fox Micro.

Here is the full text of the contract:

Per-Incident Service Agreement

For organizations not in need of continuing management services from J.D. Fox Micro, we offer per-incident service for solving problems, upgrades, migrations, reconfigurations, assessments, and assistance developing future plans.

For a fixed fee for each incident, J.D. Fox Micro will analyze the situation and provide a Work Plan to address problems or implement upgrades. The Work Plan itself is offered for a fixed or phased service fee. Emergency service is not guaranteed with the Per-Incident Service Agreement. However, you are still entitled to the J.D. Fox Micro warranties on all products purchased from J.D. Fox Micro for thirty days after purchase.

Here are the full terms of this service agreement: