Self-Assessment for Potential New Clients

If you're a business owner or manager and still not sure what J.D. Fox Micro can do for you, ask yourself the following:

  1. Since you're here, your IT system is most certainly a strategic asset. Is it managed by a professional with commensurate skill and experience, the way the rest of your specialized assets are?
  2. Do your users have someone to call that knows your system, applications, and your users, for prompt resolution of problems and answers to questions?
  3. Is your data protected from accidental deletion? Whether it's on your own equipment or in the cloud, do you know how you'd get it back, if you came to work one morning and everything was inexplicably gone?
  4. Do you have continuous, proactive measures in place to protect against malicious software, especially now that it commonly deletes or encrypts all your files?
  5. If you have one or more servers, have you planned for its replacement, either with a new server or by migrating its functions to the cloud? How will you know when it's time, and what to do?
  6. In our modern age, printing and scanning should be reliable, smooth, easy, and functional. Is yours?
  7. Is your Wi-Fi as fast, reliable, and secure as can be? Do you have dead spots and/or complaints from users?
  8. Do your mobile users have seamless access to all of the IT resources they need?
  9. Do you have a digital PBX, or multi-line analog phones, and wonder if it's time to move to Internet-based phones, and how you would go about that?
  10. Do you torment your users and hamper your business operations because you don't have the confidence to allocate a budget for upgrades or migrations you know you need, since you're not quite sure how to get honest advice?

So, how did you do? If this didn't reveal any problems with your current management, great! If it did, contact J.D. Fox Micro to get your IT system, your users, and data the attention it needs.